11 June 2012

Welcome to Wet Bird, I mean Raw Text

Welcome to Raw Text. The title is ironic. And not.

The hardest thing about making a blog is picking a name. Especially for me! It's a pain in the [arse|ass] having a name that's already far more famous than anyone could possibly want to be. But I might write some more about that later.

I was going to call this 'I am therefore I think' but there are at least three of those already. 'I love therefore I am' and 'Amo ergo sum' are also floating around out there. Go have a look, they're all quite interesting. (Just a minute! Finish reading this first!) But damn! I thought I thought of that. But it seems lots of people are thinking of that now <quiet smile>.

So then I was going to call this 'Jane Truth', my middle name being Ruth, but there's a Christian writer in America using that handle, and, sadly, I don't think she's being ironic. There we go, that's the first value judgment made here on Raw Text. And I didn't even check out her site. I just read the description in the Google search. Sorry, JaneTruth, whoever you are, and may your childishly personified God be with you.

Anyway then I looked out the window and nearly called this 'wet bird', which pretty much captured how depressing it is trying to name a blog.

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